TraceWatch Website Statistics

[WARNING] This document is OLD (part of TraceWatch 0.234 documentation). If you are using latest version of TraceWatch you should not be looking at this.


  1. Web server with PHP and Mysql database support.
  2. JavaScript enabled browser for viewing report pages.
    (Successfully tested with Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla 1.7.1 and Mozilla FireFox 1.0)
  3. Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher for viewing graphs and path analysis page.
    (If graphs do not show up in FireFox download the latest version of Flash Player)
  4. Enough disk space for TraceWatch files and data.
    (check disk space required)

How to Install TraceWatch Web Stats

  1. Download the Zip file, it contains the licence agreement and two folders named twatch and twatch_include. extract files in the zip to your hard drive.
  2. twatch_include folder contains a file named userinfo.php, open this file in a text editor like notepad.
  3. Type your information between single quotes in front of the corresponding variable and save changes:
    Your MySql database server address, it's very likely to be localhost or
    Name of an existing database on the server to be used by TraceWatch
    Database Username
    Database Password
    Choose a username for accessing reports and administration pages
    Choose a password for above username
    Ignore this for now
  4. Upload both twatch and twatch_include folders to the root folder of your website usually named htdocs or public_html.
  5. With your web browser go to this address: http://yourdomain/twatch/install.php (Replace yourdomain with the domain name of your website).
  6. Enter your TraceWatch username and password and click Login
  7. Click Install. wait for a while for the installation to finish and you get 'logger started successfuly'.
  8. put the line of code below on any page you want to count:

    • Make sure the file is processed by the server as php (if the file extension is .html or .htm change it to .php)
    • You can also use javascript code if you can't change the file to PHP.
    • By default TraceWatch doesn't take dynamic page parameters into account, to override this read: counting page parameters
  9. Installation is complete, now you can access the report pages using this address: http://yourdomain/twatch/

this is the general installation process, you can also take a look at Advanced Installation to learn about advanced options and issues.

Disk Space Required

  1. TraceWatch files require about 500KB after inflation on the server.
  2. Amount of TraceWatch data in database is highly dependent on the nature of your website, it can hardly be estimated. You can control and get detailed information about the size of logged data in the administration page.
  3. ip-to-country.csv file requires 2.5MB. Downloading and Installation of this file is optional (see about ip-to-country). You can delete this file after the installation is complete.
  4. ip-to-country data in database takes 1MB.

*** On some servers databases have their own storage quota which is different from your total quota. make sure you have enough space for the database.

Current Version: 0.353